Machine Translation System for Language Service Providers and Content Owners




At a Glance

Supported languages

Globalese is a statistical machine translation system and is therefore language-independent. Read more...

Supported CAT tools

Globalese supports all the major CAT tool formats.

Advanced features

With Globalese, you can creat high-quality project-specific MT engines and increase your translation productivity. Read more...

Pricing options

Globalese can be licensed as a local system or rented as a hosted solution. Read more...

What People Say

TAUS webinar

MT and the translation ecosystem: how to masure savings achieved by using MT?

Latest blog post

About MT Engine Quality

Machine Translation (MT) is becoming more and more part of the standard translation workflow. However, to use MT as a productivity tool for increasing the profitability of projects and decreasing delivery time, it is essential to utilize high-quality MT engines in projects. This post summarizes the most important points about the influencers on MT engine quality, focusing on Statistical Machine [...]