What can be automated should be automated

The Globalese API, introduced in version 1.5, allows users to advance to a higher level of translation process automation. Thanks to the REST interface, you can easily integrate and automate the different steps of the translation workflow, like:

  • triggering the machine translation of project files from your CAT tool
  • retrieving machine-translated files
  • sending resources/post-edited files to retrain your engines

Thanks to the streamlined workflow you can achieve by using the API, your Project Managers will be more productive and save some valuable time.


The usage of the Globalese API is secure as user authentication data is encrypted and every request requires an authentication.

Available to every Globalese customer

The good news is that the API is available to every Globalese customer with an active maintenance contract. There are no additional fees or licence costs applied.

Interested? Request more information!

If you are interested, please contact us to get the detailed API documentation and learn more about how you can increase your productivity.