Globalese 1.5 released

Globalese 1.5 released

Globalese 1.5 is here bringing quality estimation matrices, integration novelties, and an all-new API.


  • quality estimation becomes more accurate with the help of engine-specific quality estimation models
  • in addition to removing queued jobs from the queue, jobs that are running can now also be stopped
  • easy resuming if a running job is halted by a system shutdown/restart
  • memoQ .mqxlz files can be uploaded as resources to the repository
  • Remove from analysis queue button for projects


The RESTful Globalese API makes its debut in version 1.5, enabling the possibility to automate the most common project-related tasks.

The API functionality will be continuously extended in future releases.

All existing Globalese users automatically get access to the API without any further costs.


  • memoQ integration now includes version 7
  • it is now possible to pull/push translation files from/to XTM Cloud projects


  • memoQ parser
  • SDLXLIFF parser
  • Dashboard crashing when there are too many running jobs
  • uploading UTF-16 and ANSI encoded files
  • wrong wordcount provided after translation

Important changes

Engine assets

Tuning files are now called engine assets, and serve a dual purpose:

  • tuning (as before)
  • QEM building

Quality estimation models

From version 1.5, Globalese requires a quality estimation model for using the quality threshold during translation. In projects that use an engine without a QE model, the threshold cannot be set, thus all translations will be inserted into the translated files.

Please consult the Globalese Help pages about building quality estimation models.

Unknown words in projects

The Analysis tab in the project display has been renamed to Unknown words.

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