Globalese 1.6 released

Globalese 1.6 released

Globalese 1.6 is out, bringing faster and better processes, changes in the UI, and an extended API.

Under the hood

  • The unknown word report has been rewritten so instead of taking almost the same time as translating a file, it only takes a couple of seconds per file. Note: this requires retraining of phrase tables.
  • Faster and better learning and translation for Japanese.
  • Improved quality estimation algorithm.

File formats

  • It is now possible to translate Wordbee XLIFF files.
  • Instead of parallel text files, bilingual XML-based files can now be used as engine assets (for tuning and quality estimation model training).
  • Engine assets can now be created from any bilingual resource in the Repository. When retrieving an asset from the Repository, it is now possible to crop it to any user-defined number of random segments.
  • The “ApprovedTranslation” status is considered in SDLXLIFF files.

UI changes

  • When training a quality estimation model, users can now choose which assets to include instead of automatically using all available assets.
  • Added “Delete all evaluation files” option to the Files menu on the project page.
  • Added a “Stop QE model training button” on engine pages.
  • Project files can now be evaluated directly from the project page.
  • The status of quality estimation models is displayed on the Engines page.
  • A new tab, “Logs” now displays the most important events for models.
  • When deleting an engine, it is now possible to delete underlying components that are not in use anywhere else.


  • The list of possible API calls has been extended.

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