Globalese 1.7 released

Globalese 1.7 released

Globalese 1.7 is out with Moses 3.0 running under the hood and opening up new possibilities.


Upgrading to Globalese 1.7 requires all phrase tables and quality estimation models to be retrained. Please consider this when timing the upgrade.

Under the hood

  • Improved word alignment methods result in better phrase tables.
  • Improved translation of compound words.
  • Improved recasing.
  • New detokenization rules for Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.
  • Smaller and faster phrase tables.
  • Shorter training times for phrase tables and quality estimation models.
  • Quality estimation scores are reinserted in the translated files as fuzzy match values.

File formats

  • It is now possible to translate SDL Idiom WorldServer XLF and XLZ files.
  • Semicolon-separated CSV files can now be uploaded as resources.

UI changes

  • Quality estimation models now have their own pages under Models. It is now easier to track their history and current status.
  • Repetitions are now marked by a different colour in the MT analysis and Evaluation reports.
  • The MT analysis and Evaluation reports now include cross-file repetitions in projects.
  • The tuning history for engines now displays ‘before’ and ‘after’ pairs.
  • The Dashboard displays average output rates in minutes instead of seconds.
  • New Deliver buttons for projects and files.
  • MT analysis results can now be downloaded.
  • Logs for engines, projects and files.

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