Globalese 3.3 released

Globalese 3.3 released

Globalese 3.3 introduces the concept of engine health. The idea behind it is to prevent cases where you have old engines hanging around, when you could increase their output quality simply by retraining them on the same corpora.

As always, we are trying to keep it simple. Whenever we release a new Globalese version in the future that adds a significant (read: measurable) increase in engine quality, Globalese will prompt users gently to retrain engines that are going “stale” (starting with the oldest ones). If a major change is introduced that affects engine quality more dramatically, users will see a firm warning.

In both cases, old engines can still be used to translate files.

Other improvements:

  • SDLXLIFF files with segment comments supported.
  • Safer password hashing algorithm implemented.

Bugs fixed:

  • File names starting with a non-ASCII character will no longer generate translation errors.
  • Groups could not be deleted.
  • Smartcat files could not be delivered after translating them on the Globalese instance.
  • Segment count mismatch after merging two or more corpora.
  • New engines could not be saved if all available corpora were selected.
  • Various training and translation-related issues.

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