Globalese 3.4 released

Globalese 3.4 released

In the past months, we have been working hard on improving the two core processes in Globalese: training and translation.

Globalese 3.4 brings overall improvements in both departments. Training an engine is now 20% to 60% faster. Translation is 20% to 40% faster overall, and we conducted extensive tests to ensure that automated metrics show at least as good a score as before retraining an engine (as always, this depends on the language combination).

Since this a significant change, you will notice that certain engines will be marked for retraining. This makes use of the engine health feature introduced in Globalese 3.3.

Note that while you can continue using your engines as they are, retraining them will give you the advantage of faster translation and higher quality.


  • SDLXLIFF parsing errors for rare segment statuses.
  • Pulling MXLIFF files from a connected Memsource server failed in certain cases.
  • Various tokenisation-related issues in training and translation.

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