Globalese 3.5 released

Globalese 3.5 released

The major addition in this release is the ability to use stock corpora as the foundation for training engines in the cloud. Read more about stock corpora in this blog post.


  • Core corpora have been renamed to master corpora.
  • It is now mandatory for engines to have a certain volume of master corpora as well as a certain number of segment pairs in total.


  • Better handling of dates and numerical information
  • Ability to train engines with no locale (e.g. ‘en’) even if all corpora are marked with a certain locale (e.g. ‘en-us’)
  • Terms and Conditions are always available
  • Better error messages for failing file uploads
  • An engine being edited can now only be saved (and marked as Changed) if there are actual changes


  • Training progress went over 100% (had too many GPUs working for us… now we’re using them to mine Bitcoin instead (just kidding!))
  • Translations containing a redundant tag at the end of some segments

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