Live Webinar: Deploying Neural Machine Translation in the CIS

Live Webinar: Deploying Neural Machine Translation in the CIS

[lead]How has Neural Machine Translation (NMT) changed the world for the countries of CIS? [/lead]

Neural Machine Translation has changed the landscape for many languages and regions. In the era of Statistical and Rule-based Machine Translation, output for many languages spoken in CIS countries were of a very moderate quality. The application of MT for these languages remained rather theoretical until the rollout of the more robust Neural Machine Translation technology.

Gala Webinar

In this live webinar hosted by GALA, Gábor Bessenyei, CEO of the Globalese Neural Machine Translation system and Mikhail Gilin, Head of QAD and R&D of TransLink, will not only provide you with an overview of the technology, but they will also discuss the pros and cons of Neural MT. They will share the experience they have gained during the implementation of NMT in this region.

They will speak about the selection process and criteria of MT tools, and about how they have integrated NMT into the daily workflow of Translink. They will also discuss the impact of the technology on the different actors of the translation ecosystem such as post-editors, PMs and customers.

Join the webinar to see first hand a live deployment of Neural Machine Translation in the workflow of a leading LSP. 

Time and date:

11:00 EST (17:00 CEST)

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