Globalese 3.6 released

Globalese 3.6 released

Starting with version 3.6, Globalese cloud users can quickly take advantage of ready-to-use generic stock engines for the most common language combinations. This addition aims to provide a quick solution in scenarios where a custom engine cannot yet be trained because there is not enough in-domain training material.

At the time of writing, stock engines are available:

  • English <> French
  • English <> German
  • English <> Hungarian
  • English <> Italian
  • English <> Polish
  • English <> Portuguese
  • English <> Spanish
  • German <> Polish

Please contact Support for queries about further language combinations.


  • New projects can no longer be created without an engine.
  • Projects can be created using generic stock engines. API users should first query the list of engines for the specific language combination to find out if a stock engine is available or not.
  • Engine segment pair counts reflect the real count after training.


  • A range of new API endpoints to help manage engines.
  • Boolean “ready” property in engine API responses to indicate whether an engine can be immediately used for translation.
  • Generic training and translation quality improvements.
  • More helpful API error messages.


  • No API warnings if deleted groups were specified in the request payload.
  • Engine cloning not working in specific circumstances.
  • New users not receiving welcome e-mails.
  • Better handling of tags adjacent to numbers.
  • A sentence-last tag would always be followed by an underscore in the translation.
  • If a sentence starts with a tag, the first word gets lowercased.
  • Translate button enabled in situations where the file cannnot actually be translated.

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