Globalese 3.8 released

Globalese 3.8 released

The major highlight of Globalese 3.8 is stock+ engines. Stock+ engines are customised stock engines, i.e. pre-trained stock engines extended with the user’s own corpora.
Note: stock+ engines are only available in the cloud environment.


  • A Select all/Deselect all option has been added to the Corpora and Engines listing pages.
  • It is now possible to filter engines by status on the Engines page.
  • Better experience on smaller screens (i.e. mobile devices).

Further changes

  • The number of individual corpora that an engine may contain has been limited to 500.
  • The Engines page now shows master and auxiliary corpora segment counts in two distinct columns.
  • The Engines page now shows whether an engine has been built using stock corpora or a stock engine.
  • An Engine page now shows whether the particular engine uses stock corpora or a stock engine.
  • Master and auxiliary corpora now appear in two distinct tables on Engine pages.
  • The last trained version is shown on Engine pages.

Notable fixes

  • TBX parsing issues.
  • Not being able to create new users.
  • Could not delete resources containing apostrophes in their names.
  • Engines’ Log pages not showing any entries.
  • Translation files’ Log pages not displaying.
  • Authentication via the API not working.
  • System administrators unable to change their passwords.
  • Projects using XTM connector could not be created.
  • XML parsing errors during translation.

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