Globalese 3.8.4 released

Globalese 3.8.4 released

New functionality

Minor improvements

  • Groups on the Corpora, Engines and Projects pages are now listed alphabetically.
  • The total number of currently existing engines is always displayed on the About page.
  • Project files can be sorted by status and last translation date & time.
  • Memsource connector updated so support changes in the Memsource API affecting filtering for TMs when retrieving them from Memsource.


  • When editing a project that had a stock engine chosen, no selected engine was displayed.
  • Non-admin users could not edit projects.
  • Spaces left after translation in Japanese target texts.
  • Conversion of colons to double-byte characters fixed for Japanese.
  • URLs inside tags were truncated.
  • When deleting an engine, corpora that were not deletable were offered for deletion, causing an error.
  • Stock+ engines with a non-green health indicator didn’t become healthy even after retraining.

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