Globalese 3.11.3 released

Globalese 3.11.3 released


  • An auxiliary corpus in an engine could not be changed into a master corpus, or vice versa.
  • Certain types of TBX files could not be uploaded.
  • Fixed recasing issues.
  • Fixed the parsing of heavily tagged TMX translation units.
  • The Corpus > Preview tab only showed the first tag in a segment with a symbol.
  • The password reset page didn’t work.
  • Empty source segments could cause the translation of a file to fail.
  • The parsing of delimited corpora would stop if there was a line in the corpus containing nothing or only white space.
  • When previewing corpora or project files, RTL languages are now justified correctly.

Minor improvements

  • More efficient way of assigning permissions when a system administrator is editing a user account.
  • The Dashboard shows training and translation jobs in two separate tables.
  • When uploading corpora, newly uploaded corpora will have a link that enables users to conveniently go to the new corpus directly.
  • Toast messages have been introduced to confirm executed actions, also enabling us to transition slightly quicker between pages.
  • Specific error messages are now visible if uploading a corpus fails.
  • When a user is changing their password, they get instant feedback on password strength.


  • Dedicated translator instances are not available any more. Engines cannot be manually deployed for translation at this time, but expect this feature to start a new life in Globalese 4!

New stock corpora

  • English ↔︎ Korean
  • French ↔︎ Russian
  • Russian ↔︎ Spanish

New stock engines

  • French ↔︎ Russian
  • Russian ↔︎ Spanish

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