Globalese 3.12.2 released

Globalese 3.12.2 released


  • Fixed a regression affecting the translation of URLs and email addresses.
  • Auxiliary corpora were not included when an engine was cloned.
  • No new corpus version or log event was created when a new version of an existing corpus was uploaded using the API.
  • Added a few missing language codes.
  • Issues with setting a new password after forgetting it and requesting a new one to be generated have been fixed.

Minor improvements

  • We have been making continuous improvements for the Globalese GUI to be faster for a long time now. You will notice that navigation between pages is now a lot quicker.
  • When an engine is being trained, the progress now appears on the engine’s own page as well as the Dashboard.


  • Engines with a trained version below 3.8.3 are now deprecated and need retraining.
  • The maximum allowed length of file names has been increased from 128 to 255 characters.

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