Globalese 3.13 released

Globalese 3.13 released

What’s new

  • Support for Across XLIFF files exported using crossConnect: exported XLIFF 1.2 files can be translated in Globalese and reimported into Across when using crossConnect for External Editing.


  • Files that only include new segments that are locked for translation can no longer be uploaded to projects. Previously these appeared as translatable, whereas they were never processed by Globalese.
  • Engines that used to be called “healthy” are now called “up-to-date”.
  • The indicator showing that an engine includes corpora that have been updated has been changed from “Update available” to “Corpus updated”. (See also the 3.12 release notes.)

Minor improvements

  • Translation quality improvements across all language combinations. Retrain your engines for improved quality.
  • When clicking on a link to a certain corpus, engine etc. requires the user to log in, the browser is now redirected to the original destination after a successful login.
  • Pagination numbers only take up a certain amount of space on a page, regardless of how many pages there are. At the same time, any page can be directly displayed with the new Jump to page input.
  • Master and auxiliary corpora are now paginated when displaying an engine that includes a large number of corpora.
  • Overview, Preview, Log, Versions etc. tabs now have their own URLs so they are easier to jump to directly.


  • Various issues related to tags and punctuation marks have been fixed.
  • Line break characters within segments were incorrectly changed.
  • Multiple project files inside a folder and uploaded in a single zip file had the folder name(s) as part of the filenames, which caused issues when downloading the translated files.
  • When creating or editing engines, only 100 corpora were visible for selection.
  • The Status filter on the Engines page did not show all engines with Trained status.
  • New but locked segment/word/character numbers were included in the translation statistics.
  • Engines could not be quick trained if a master corpus was updated (as opposed to uploading the new version as a new corpus).

New stock corpora

  • Italian ↔︎ Slovenian

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