Globalese 3.13.1 released

Globalese 3.13.1 released


  • Modifying an engine didn’t work if a corpus was promoted from auxiliary to master or demoted the other way round.
  • When cloning an engine, the browser would get stuck on the original engine instead of jumping to the clone.
  • Fixed the translation of formatting tags wrapping URLs.
  • Fixed the filters on the Statistics pages.
  • Displaying a group would show all users in the system, not just the ones in the group.

Minor improvements

  • If a user’s browser gets stuck in a session, they can now force logout by visiting the /logout URL.
  • If the translation of a file fails, users will get an extra heads-up in the notification email in case the engine used has a deprecated version and needs to be retrained.
  • Minor quality improvements in the training process.


  • Version 2.1 of the API now mandates that a valid extension be provided when creating a new corpus entity using POST /v2.1/corpora.

New stock corpora

  • English ↔ Hebrew

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