Globalese 4.0.3 released

Globalese 4.0.3 released


  • When importing corpora from a CAT tool connection, all groups were available for selection, not just the ones the user had the relevant permission in.
  • Small fixes in the navigation on the GUI.
  • Visiting the /logout page did not log out a logged in user.
  • The page didn’t automatically refresh after a training or document translation was started.
  • When re-importing a previously existing corpus from a CAT tool connection, no new event was created in the corpus log.

Minor improvements

  • The Billing page provides details about the upcoming (open) invoice.
  • Users receive a confirmation e-mail on starting a subscription.
  • The Billing page indicates if the default card is about to expire or has expired.


  • A default limit of 100 has been introduced in the v2.1 API for listing corpora, projects and project files. See the updated API specification for details. This limit works the same way as the upcoming v3 API will: if no limit is specified, it will automatically be set to 100. (Version 3 of the API will add meta information about the filtered and total number of records.)
  • The File translation and Segment translation tabs on the Usage statistics page have been renamed to Document translation and Text translation, respectively.

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