Globalese 4.2 released

Globalese 4.2 released

What’s new

  • Billing administrators can now set a budget to help monitor monthly spending. When a budget is set, e-mail notifications are automatically sent to the billing contact e-mail address whenever the current monthly spending reaches 50, 90 and 100 per cent of the budget threshold. Read more here.
  • Engines whose version has been superseded more than 9 months ago cannot be used to translate documents or text until fully re-trained. Read more here.

Minor changes and improvements

  • A new text translation service is now available in the Asia region. Engines can now be deployed in Asia, which ensures shorter roundtrips for data if users are in Asia.


  • Some issues have been fixed around tagged content with the same strings appearing in the source and the translated side between tags.

New stock corpora

  • English ↔ Ukrainian
  • German ↔ Ukrainian

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