Globalese 4.3.2 released

Globalese 4.3.2 released


We have improved the transparency around the engine lifecycle.

  • The Engines page now has a new column to show how long each engine has left before they get deprecated (which means they cannot be used until retrained).
  • E-mail notifications received after successful file translation events now also contain a reminder about the engine that was used.


  • Quick training an engine would fail under certain circumstances.
  • When authenticated with an API key for text translation, the GET /v3/engines endpoint incorrectly returned a 401 response.
  • API keys could not be loaded on the Authorized users tab of an engine.


  • The “Deployment for document translation” column on the Engines page has been renamed to “Published”. Since it always has a binary value (published/unpublished) and there is no status to track, this is now represented by a simple tick/cross instead of a status badge.
  • The Master corpora and Auxiliary corpora columns on the Engines page have been removed to make way for the more important Days until deprecation column.
  • References to Memsource have been changed to Phrase.

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