Globalese 4.4 released

Globalese 4.4 released

What’s new

  • A new System settings page enables system administrators to decide whether or not Globalese should store one active plus one inactive version of engines. If this settings is turned on, it is also possible to configure whether or not the latest version of an engine should always become the active version.
  • If there is an active and an inactive version of an engine, clicking the new Activate button on the inactive engine version’s tab will make the currently inactive engine version the currently active one.
  • The new Compare to active version toggle on the Next version tab of an engine displays the changes that have been made (corpora removed, added or updated) to the currently active engine version.
  • The new Revert to active version button on the Next version tab of an engine does what it says on the tin: it reverts the next version back to the currently active engine version. (Note that it doesn’t trigger re-training of the engine, just reverts all the changes made to the active version.)

Other changes and improvements

  • When editing an existing engine, there is now an optional text field for leaving notes related to the engine version. Any information saved here will be displayed on the engine’s Log tab, next to the “Engine updated” event.
  • Text translation statistics can now be filtered by dates as well as users or API keys for text translation.
  • If the stock corpora or engine used in an engine has been updated, there is now an indicator of that update next to the stock corpus/engine version.
  • If an engine has more than 10 versions, earlier versions can be loaded in groups of 10.

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