Globalese 3.8 released

The major highlight of Globalese 3.8 is stock+ engines. Stock+ engines are customised stock engines, i.e. pre-trained stock engines extended with the user’s own corpora.
Note: stock+ engines are only available in the cloud environment.

A Select all/Deselect all option has been added to the Corpora and Engines listing pages.
It is now possible to filter engines by status on the Engines page.
Better […]

Globalese 3.7 released

The major update in this release is the switch of the underlying neural network model from RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) to TNN (Transformer Neural Network). The result is simply better translations obtained from engines trained from this release onward.
Further improvements

CAT tool plugins now also have access to generic stock engines.
Faster file transfers through the XTM connector.
Faster loading of projects connected […]

Globalese 3.6 released

Starting with version 3.6, Globalese cloud users can quickly take advantage of ready-to-use generic stock engines for the most common language combinations. This addition aims to provide a quick solution in scenarios where a custom engine cannot yet be trained because there is not enough in-domain training material.

At the time of writing, stock engines are available:

English <> French
English <> German
English […]

Globalese 3.5 released

The major addition in this release is the ability to use stock corpora as the foundation for training engines in the cloud. Read more about stock corpora in this blog post.

Core corpora have been renamed to master corpora.
It is now mandatory for engines to have a certain volume of master corpora as well as a certain number of segment pairs […]

Globalese 3.4 released

In the past months, we have been working hard on improving the two core processes in Globalese: training and translation.

Globalese 3.4 brings overall improvements in both departments. Training an engine is now 20% to 60% faster. Translation is 20% to 40% faster overall, and we conducted extensive tests to ensure that automated metrics show at least as good a score […]

Globalese 3.3 released

Globalese 3.3 introduces the concept of engine health. The idea behind it is to prevent cases where you have old engines hanging around, when you could increase their output quality simply by retraining them on the same corpora.

As always, we are trying to keep it simple. Whenever we release a new Globalese version in the future that adds a significant […]

Globalese 3.2 released

Globalese 3.2 is all about version 2.1 of the Globalese API.

The new API endpoints introduced in v2.1 let users automate corpus management and engine creation and training. Paginated results are also available for listing queries.

Other improvements include:

Improved corpus pre-processing guarantees better engine training results.
UI improvements.

Globalese 3.1 released

Globalese 3.1 introduces the concept of augmented in-domain engines trained from core and auxiliary corpora.

Minor improvements:

Better feedback for misconfigured SmartCAT and Memsource connectors.
Improved user guidance when training small engines.
Users can now see engine IDs and group IDs directly on an engine page to help set up pretranslation in Memsource.
Improved 404 pages for non-existing or removed resources.
A lot of minor issues […]

Globalese 3.0 released

We are very happy to announce the release of Globalese 3, which uses neural machine learning technology to deliver MT quality unseen before.

Corpora management and the engine creation process have both been simplified. Upload, pick, train!

CAT tool integration options now include a connector to memoQ 8 servers, and a translate5 plugin. The updated SDL Trados Studio plugin is currently available […]

Globalese 3.0 beta

Globalese 3 has entered the beta stage.

While trials have previously been invitation-only, we now encourage everyone interested in trying out neural MT to sign up for a trial system. […]