Globalese 2.13.1 released

Globalese 2.13.1 fixes the following issues:
  • Files previously translated with errors could not be selected for translation in bulk.
  • Error when using the Memsource plugin.
  • Duplicated files in projects.
  • Issues with the SmartCAT connector.
  • Engine training issues.

Globalese 2.13 released

Globalese 2.13 is the last in the line of version 2 releases. It will continue to be supported and bugs will be fixed. This release includes two major additions:
  • SmartCAT connector. Just like with memoQ, Memsource and XTM, it is now possible to connect to SmartCAT and to a specific project. Users are able to pull files from the SmartCAT project to Globalese, pretranslate them using a quality threshold, and push them back to SmartCAT. When the project is finished, the post-edited files can be pulled again to Globalese to perform post-edit evaluation.
  • Evaluation files and scores can now be managed through the Globalese API. Post-edited can now be uploaded to projects, and the evaluation scores are accessible per file or per project.
Smaller changes:
  • Improved handling of contracted negations in English.
  • Easier and faster retrieving of CAT tool files from servers.

Globalese 2.12.3 released

Globalese 2.12.3 fixes the following issues:
  • Error when translating Memsource XLIFF files.
  • All models were showing as deletable, even the ones belonging to engines.
  • Error when activating a trained shadow model.
  • New user accounts could not be created.
  • Evaluation could not be started on the file level.

Globalese 2.12.2 released

Globalese 2.12.2 fixes the following issues:
  • Error when uploading too many resources at the same time.
  • The group administration page did not display.
  • Translated memoQ files could not be delivered through the memoQ server connector.
  • Users could not be deleted.

Globalese 2.12.1 released

Globalese 2.12.1 fixes the following issues:
  • DELETE API calls failed.
  • When using the SAP Translation Hub for a project, global settings did not override project-level settings.
  • Updating projects through the API failed if the project did not use the SAP Translation Hub.

Globalese 2.12 released

Globalese 2.12 comes with the following improvements:
  • Duplicates are removed when uploading resources. Filtering out duplicate segments increases system speed while not causing a significant decrease in translation quality, if any. The upgrade process also removes duplicates from existing monolingual and bilingual processes.
  • When uploading a resource, users are given an indication of the original vs the unique segment count.
  • Creating an asset from a resource pair in the bilingual repository has become a lot faster.
  • The API returns an error with an appropriate message when trying to upload a translatable file with no translatable segments.

Globalese 2.11 released

Globalese 2.11 introduces the integration of the SAP Translation Hub as a third-party reference for translations. SAP Translation Hub is a beta service running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform that provides an API for querying SAP translation memories. When translating SAP-related content, this extra lookup feature can be activated, so anything returned by the SAP Translation Hub API will take precedence over Globalese's own machine translation. By using XLIFF files exported from an SAP system, extra metadata is available to Globalese so it can make an even better targeted query to STH.

Globalese 2.10 released

Globalese 2.10 brings the following new features and improvements:
  • Bilingual resources can now be exported as TMX files
  • MT analysis scores can be downloaded via the Globalese API
  • Phrase table training has become a bit faster
  • It is now possible to start the recalibration of an engine from the project Recycle page
  • Better automatic translation of dates
  • An engine can be deleted even if it is assigned to a project (but it is not in use)

Globalese 2.9 released

To support the new word-based plan, usage statistics are now available in Globalese. They provide the following information:
  • All translated words in a month
  • Number of words which are above 75% either according to quality estimation, or (if performed) final evaluation
  • Number of adjusted words from the previous month, i.e. statistics for files which had been translated in the previous month but evaluated only in the current one (since evaluation always takes precedence over QE)
The following issues have been fixed:
  • Resource pairs or assets created from SDLXLIFF files stored a redundant pair of <mrk> tags.
  • Translation of Memsource files containing line breaks within a segment failed.
  • Wrong URL tokenization.
  • Language model training issues.

Globalese 2.6.3 released

Globalese 2.6.3 fixes the following issues:
  • There was a mismatch between the word counts after translation and after evaluation if the translated file contained segments broken down into subsegments.
  • Groups could not be deleted if there were previously deleted projects in them.
  • Previously deleted groups were showing up for filtering in the repository, on model, engine and project pages.
  • A quality estimation model could be retrained while the engine was in tuning.
  • Errors during translation.