Globalese 2.3.4 released

Globalese 2.3.4 fixes the following issues:

Not getting a result after testing an engine.
Problems when testing an engine with a TMX file.
Engine calibration issues.
Wrong tokenization of Japanese brackets.

Globalese 2.3.3 released

Globalese 2.3.3 fixes the following issues:

The F-measure evaluation sometimes produced a score higher than 100%.
Tuning issues.

Globalese 2.3.2 released

Globalese 2.3.2 fixes the following issues:

“Required parameters missing” error when creating a project through the API.
Tuning errors.
Errors when trying to delete certain engines.
Importing TMX/TBX files with underscores (such as “zh_TW”) in the language codes.

Globalese 2.3.1 released

Globalese 2.3.1 fixes the following issues:

If a segment contains capital letters only, it was converted into lowercase in the translation.
The Delete selected button could not be activated when navigating to the Asset tab of an engine from another tab.
Table row highlighting fixed in asset and translation file tables.
The quality of the hierarchical component has been improved by using better default […]

Globalese 2.3 released

New features

Traditional Chinese is now supported.


Improved learning and translation to and from German.
Recycled post-edited files are filtered better, so they provide a better base for retraining engines.
Improved quality estimation models.


When uploading translation/evaluation files in a zip archive, a wrong file in the package will not prevent the other files from getting processed.

Globalese 2.2.4 released

Globalese 2.2.4 fixes the following issues:

The wordcount of files with tags separating words without spaces was incorrect.
Translating Memsource .mxliff files with invalid control characters resulted in an error.
Improved tag cleaning in uploaded assets.
In certain cases, engine testing did not finish successfully.

Globalese 2.2.2 released

Globalese 2.2.2 checks all engines, and resets the status for those that haven’t been retrained as composite. This ensures there will be no unnecessary errors when using engines that have not been retrained in Globalese 2. […]

Globalese 2.2.1 released

Globalese 2.2.1 fixes the following issues:

Having too many files uploaded at the same time could result in the system slowing down.
Error when translating Idiom WS XLF files.
QE results did not display for project files that were being evaluated or in the evaluation queue.
A bug in the engine testing feature.
Asset names did not display in the delete confirmation prompt.

Globalese 2.2 released

New features:

When recycling a project for a second or third time, users have the option to only recycle content that was not recycled during the previous rounds, thus avoiding duplication of content in the repository or the engine assets.
Engine cloning now also includes the duplicating of the quality estimation model.


Assets now have statuses and logs.
It is now possible to stop […]