Globalese 2.6.2 released

Globalese 2.6.2 fixes the following issues:
  • Models could not be saved if only their name was changed.
  • An engine could not be saved if only the group was changed.
  • The translation of an entire project could not be triggered through the API.

Globalese 2.6.1 released

Globalese 2.6.1 fixes the following issues:
  • The bilingual repository page took too much to load.
  • When cancelling the upload of a translation file, the appearing button linked to the bilingual repository instead of the project.
  • Errors during engine calibration.
  • When an engine was being tuned, the unused assets could not be deleted.

Globalese 2.6 released

Globalese 2.6 brings the following changes:
  • Evaluation results have been consolidated into one matrix and chart.
  • Improved normalisation of tags in resources uploaded to the Repository.
  • Improved handling of glossaries in composite engines.
  • Engines can now be used even during tuning.

Globalese 2.5.3 released

Globalese 2.5.3 fixes the following issues:
  • Uploaded resources and assets contained unnecessary HTML entities.
  • Memsource files with composite language codes could not be pulled from Memsource.
  • The "in calibration" status was missing its colour code.

Globalese 2.5.2 released

Globalese 2.5.2 fixes the following issues:
  • In some configurations, there was an error with sending out notifications.
  • Assets were created from resources in the wrong language direction, if the source language code of the original resource came before the target language code in the English alphabet (e.g. DA→EN).
  • The engine performance after tuning did not correspond to the result of testing the same engine with the same resource.
  • In some cases, the engine performance after tuning displayed 0% even if tuning had been successful.
  • Users could see a project they had created even after they were removed from the group the project belonged to.
  • The unknown word report could not be started in some cases.
  • When downloading multiple translated files from a project, the toggle all checkbox did not work.

Globalese 2.5 released

Globalese 2.5 has been released. New features:
  • Translation memories, termbases and bilingual CAT tool files can now be uploaded to the Repository in ZIP format. (ZIP files may include multiple resources and any folder structure.)
  • Various bugs affecting training, engine calibration and translation have been fixed.