SDL Trados Studio plugin

# Downloads
# Configuration
# Pre-translating files

This plugin provides a way for Globalese users to pretranslate files or entire projects from SDL Trados Studio 2017 and 2019.


The plugin only works via a HTTPS connection, i.e. it does not work with Globalese instances accessible only via an IP address.


The Globalese plugin for SDL Trados Studio can be downloaded from the SDL App Store for both versions 2017 and 2019.

Configuring Globalese in SDL Trados Studio

  1. After installing the Globalese plugin, a new batch task becomes available in Studio, which can be applied to both projects and files, just like the default batch tasks (e.g. Pre-translate Files).
  2. Select Globalese Translation to apply the task to specific files or to the entire project.
  3. Before using the plugin for the first time, you will need to configure the connection settings. To do this, click Next twice.
  4. Fill in the Globalese server URL, your user name and your API key.
  5. If you require a proxy server, you also need to check the Use proxy server box, then enter the proxy server details.

Pre-translating files with Globalese from SDL Trados Studio

  1. Once the connection has been configured, click the Connect button.
  2. The list of groups will be populated. Choose a group from the Select group dropdown list.
  3. For each project target language, select the Globalese engine you want to use for pretranslation. If a language should not be translated, just leave the Engine dropdown list empty.
  4. The language/engine assignments will be shown in the text field below the language / engine table.
  5. Click Finish to start the translation process.
    Note: by default, Globalese projects, which are generated in the background on the Globalese server, will be deleted from Globalese after the translated files have been downloaded to your Studio project.
  6. Wait for the process to complete. The translated files will then be available in your Studio project.
    Note: Globalese will send a notification email whenever the files of a particular target language have been pretranslated. This is because Globalese treats each language pair as a different project. You can turn off email notifications in your user profile in Globalese.