Generic + specific corpora to achieve the best output quality

Extend your master corpora by using less specific, but good quality language resources to overcome the problem of corpus shortage. Read more…

Integration with CAT tools

Once a custom engine is deployed in the cloud, it can be used to translate individual segments on-the-fly or pre-translate entire files, all from the CAT tool or TMS interface.

Globalese also supports a variety of CAT tool formats for pre-translation to ensure MT is no more than a convenient step added to your translation workflow. Read more…


The Globalese API allows you to easily integrate and automate the different steps of the translation workflow, such as:

  • uploading corpora for training
  • deploying trained engines
  • translating text on-the-fly
  • pre-translating files

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Advanced tag handling

Tags and formatting in translation documents are retained by Globalese automatically. This means that you save time in the post-editing phase as the post-editors do not have to put additional effort into replacing deleted tags: Globalese is smart enough to do this job for you.

Automatic resource cleanup and normalization

All corpora uploaded to Globalese undergo a technical cleanup, leaving only language- and content-related tasks to the resource managers.

When uploading a corpus, inline placeholder and formatting tags are normalized. This information is used in the training process, and at translation time the engine relies on not just the words and phrases, but the tags in the corpora as well.

When an engine is trained, the content of the corpora is cleaned once again according to various criteria: mislabelled languages, length mismatches and so on.

Granular permissions

Groups help separate what needs to be separated, to build engines containing only relevant corpora for any given project. For each group a user belongs to, administrators can set permissions to manage or access corpora, engines and projects.

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Re-training in the background

An engine can be used even while it is being re-trained. As soon as re-training finishes, Globalese automatically switches to the new version of the engine — even if it is currently deployed.

The freedom of choice

You can use Globalese as a cloud-based SaaS solution or as an on-premise installation.