No hardware investment

€50 / engine / month

Subscription duration Price per engine Avg. per month
3 months €135 €45
6 months €240 €40
12 months €420 €35
Prices include
Help Desk support
Use of stock corpora 1
Use of stock engines 1 2

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1 Not available for all language combinations.
2 Stock engines are not trainable, and do not count towards the number of engines in your subscription. A subscription for at least one engine is nevertheless required.


Run it in-house or choose your preferred hosting provider

€750 / engine / year

Number of engines Price per engine per year
1st to 10th €750
11th to 20th €500
From 21st onward €250
Prices include
Help Desk support for 1 year
Upgrades for 1 year
Additional costs
Setup and installation
Continued support and upgrades 1

1 After the end of the first year, a yearly renewal fee of 20% of the original license fee applies each subsequent year for support and upgrades.